Clock Tucana
$ 390.00
$ 52.00
Mat raspberry
$ 25.00
Hands Black
TOTAL$ 467.00
$ 467.00
or$ 156.00 × 3
Delivery included
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Part 1

Dark grey
Navy blue
Sky blue
Duck Blue
Mat black : $ 37.00
Mat anthracite : $ 37.00
Mat white : $ 37.00
Mat yellow : $ 37.00
Mat orange : $ 37.00
Mat raspberry : $ 37.00
Mat blue : $ 37.00
Mat turquoise : $ 37.00
Slate : $ 52.00
Silver : $ 52.00
Gold : $ 52.00
Copper : $ 52.00

Part 2

Dark grey
Navy blue
Sky blue
Duck Blue
Mat black : $ 25.00
Mat anthracite : $ 25.00
Mat white : $ 25.00
Mat yellow : $ 25.00
Mat orange : $ 25.00
Mat raspberry : $ 25.00
Mat blue : $ 25.00
Mat turquoise : $ 25.00
Slate : $ 34.00
Silver : $ 34.00
Gold : $ 34.00
Copper : $ 34.00

Colour of hands

Silver : $ 9.00

Second hand



We are a small artisan company. Each clock is unique. We custom make them according to your choice of configuration. Our manufacturing process guarantees you a product of high quality.

The different parts are made of 3 mm plexiglass *, mass-tinted. Unlike stickers or other plastic materials, plexiglass offers a high-quality rendering. Its high cost reserves it for demanding applications. The mass-tinted plexiglass is uniform. It does not deteriorate over time and is not sensitive to light or moisture. It perfectly retains its texture and colour over time.

Our manufacturing concept makes it possible to use a minimum of material. Plexiglass is also infinitely recyclable, through a process called "scraping". The acrylic glass plates are crushed then heated before being remelted in liquid syrup. Once this process is completed, new plates can be moulded. If you ever decide to change your mirror, then you can send the old one back to us, we will take care of recycling the plexiglass directly.

We also favour cardboard packaging, with polyethene foam protection. Your parts will be perfectly protected during transport and your packaging will be recyclable.

We attach great importance to the quality of our products. We want them to be sustainable. We are proud to have customers, who still own their clock after more than 10 years after they purchased it.

Our products have 2 years guaranty. As a manufacturer, we are able to respond quickly and easily to all your service requests. In the event of a defect, we will only change the defective part. We, therefore, prioritise your satisfaction and the durability of your clock. For any information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to answer all your questions.

* Plexiglass is a trademark. The exact term for this material is PMMA short for polymethyl methacrylate.

Watch our presentation video

Width: 39''
Height: 14''
Size of the hands: 8'' and 6''
Installing your clock is very easy.
The central part includes the mechanism and the hands. It can be hung on the wall using a hook.
The other parts are mounted on the wall, using adhesive. A template is provided to help assemble all the parts.
The adhesive supplied enables you to mount your clock onto any surface including rough walls, stone, plaster, sandblasted paint, etc.
Our handy tip: To move or reposition your clock easily, use blue tack instead of adhesive to secure the parts. Parts will remain in place and it can be repositioned easily without leaving any traces.

Video tutorial of the assembly

To complete your order, choose from 5 methods of payment
- Payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Debit card). The transaction is fully secure
- Credit card (Visa, Master Card, CB) with a payment in 3 installments (1st payment when you order, the next payment at 30 days and the last at 60 days)
- PayPal
- Payment using Apple Pay
- Payment using Google Pay

We will fulfill your order once payment has been completed.
All prices quoted include delivery charges. There will be no additional charges added to the order.

We produce all our products in our workshop.
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Product has a 2-year limited warranty.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by email or phone. All inquiries will be addressed as soon as possible.